Below are a sample of videos that give an idea of some of the services that Deley Industries Inc. offers:
Brush Cutting and Mulching
Soil Conditioning
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Deley Energy Services in Alberta and BC

Land Clearing

Land clearing work in the oil and gas industry such as exploration leases, storage sites, or pipelines can vary in scope and size. Terrain, density of the vegetation, soil stability, moisture, species to be treated, climate, environmental concerns and obstacles to work around are some of the considerations when choosing the right machine for the task at hand. Deley Energy Services Inc have the right equipment to get the job done.


We are positioned to offer excavation on a smaller scale. Our portfolio consists of maintaining hydrovac pads, cleaning debris out of culverts in the spring, construction of temporary building/trailer pads, and roads. Line locates, and line digs in the oil and gas industry. We are also experienced in contamination clean ups.

Erosion Control

Deley Energy Services Inc has the ability to perform erosion control in tight spaces such as gas plants, line heater locations, and compressor stations. We can also easily address large vegetation areas where cultivation, seeding and watering requirements, and fencing are needed.

Maintaining Right-Of-Way

Maintaining right-of-way for roads, highways, power lines, and communication lines in the oil and gas industry has its own share of challenges. The demands of the job, the difficulty of the terrain, finish, and maintenance requirements will determine the equipment selected for the job. In right-of-way work, maintaining safe traffic flow is a consideration not often found in other types of land clearing jobs. For these reasons, machinery selection for right-of-way jobs can be varied. We provide Compact tractors with batwing mowers, skidsteers with mulching heads that can do fence line work, detail work, and can handle even down to the heavier grasses found on right-of-way property. For thinning work, our tree shear attachment may offer the best solution; or excavator mounted mulchers can do selective cutting between the keeper trees. For large-scale projects where volume of work is the key factor, our excellent work ethic and dedication will yield both an excellent finish and maximum acres-per-day to ensure client satisfaction.

Vegetation Management, Mulching and Brushing Services

Deley Energy Services Inc. has the appropriate equipment to easily customize a plan and meet your vegetation management needs.

  • total termination;
  • clear cut areas (selected trees can be left unharmed); or
  • rejuvenation of tree lines and shelterbelts.

Applications are:

  • Land Development
  • Tree Line Rejuvenation and Hedging Rows for Re-growth
  • Debris Clean-up
  • Shelterbelt Enhancement and Rejuvenation
  • Overgrowth Control
  • All Shred/Mulch Site Projects

Our mulching and brushing services are the fastest, safest, and most environmentally friendly in the industry: there is no need to burn and you eliminate the added cost of hauling, dumping or chipping debris. We take pride in our ability to understand your specific needs, exceed your expectations and help you to achieve your land clearing goals, all while meeting your bottom line.

Seismic Exploration

Seismic exploration presents a unique and challenging set of circumstances for clearing woody vegetation. In extreme winter conditions our equipment can cut across challenging ground conditions while taking care to avoiding environmental impact outside of the designated spaces. Deley Energy Services Inc provides tracked mulching equipment with low ground pressure characteristics, balanced stability, excellent visibility, and great tractive effort to work through snow or traverse icy slopes.

Wild Fire Prevention (Firesmart Initiatives) and Power Line Hazard Assessment Plan

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and Sustainable Resource Development have developed an initiative to Implement a Best Management Practice for Fire Prevention in the Oil and Gas Sector. Our company can assist in Firesmart Mitigation Options and Managing the Liability on your Disposition. Our inventory of equipment can easily assist in the removal or modification of wildland fuels to reduce the risk of intense wildfire behavior, lessen post-fire damage, limit the spread and proliferation of invasive species and diseases, and to restore and maintain healthy, diverse ecosystems. Deley Energy Services Inc knows the importance of reducing the risk of ignitions, and modifying vegetation to reduce fire behavior in a budget consciences manner.

Other Services

  • Commercial Mowing
  • Fencing – rail & barb wire – forms part of environmental/vegetation control services
  • Contamination Clean-up
  • Snow Removal
  • Sanding Services
  • Equipment Rentals: Light towers, generators, panels


  • 150 Light Duty Panels – perfect for a safety fence around line digs
  • 20KW Generator and Light Tower
  • Dump Trailer
  • Crew Cab Ranger – for viewing work sites